First Notice of Loss

HSG handles FNOL processes for insurance companies and has a team that loss notices 24x7x365 so that you can offer your policyholders peace of mind knowing that someone is always there in their time of need.

Our service team answers the phone with customized scripts to ensure that every call is handled professionally, skillfully and with a high sense of urgency and compassion. We record the calls, for training and review purposes. Team members learn the carrier’s business first, including your unique culture and needs.

Our client portfolio includes carriers with very different books of business and we create custom programs enhanced by our own dedication to creating great policyholder experiences.

We are an extension of our clients and ask the appropriate questions for a first reported loss. If a claim meets your criteria for repair, or replacement, a notification is sent to our Supervisor Team to alert them of a possible escalated claim. At that time they will review and follow the provided protocol to escalate the claim.

Proven Advocates.
Proven Economics.
Proven Satisfaction.

HSG auto glass claims services provide significant improvement in overall severity and loss adjustment expenses. From first notice of loss through electronic billing and reporting, outsourcing has never been so easy.


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