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HSG: A Focus on Repairs

HSG takes a very different approach in the marketplace.  How does that set us apart?
HSG is not a captive TPA.  HSG does not own any retail outlets or manufacture and sell any glass.  We do not compete with the glass providers in our network, eliminating any conflict of interest.  Instead, HSG has built a competitive model around the value of repairs.
I understand that all of you out there concentrate on installations and may not even be aware of our repair centered business model.  Basically, HSG attempts to obtain the highest percentage of repairs possible.  When an initial claim is called in, our Solutions Advisors ask questions to determine if the damage is repairable.  Our main qualifier: Can the damage be covered by a dollar bill?  If the determination is made that the damage is repairable, we set up the repair with a service provider that only handles repairs.  If a repair only provider is not available in the area, we turn to our providers that handle both repairs and replacements.  Ultimately, if a claim is qualified as a repair, our goal is to complete it as a repair.  By placing this kind of importance on repairs, we obtain higher satisfaction scores from both the policy holder and the insurance carrier.  The policy holder has the issue completed with very little inconvenience to their daily schedule and the insurance carrier has reduced severity for the claim.  Everyone wins, right?  What about you, a provider that concentrates on replacements?  Believe it or not, this is still a win.  Leave your card with the policy holder because we all know that the chances of another issue down the road are substantial.  Also, the insurance carriers in the industry, noting the lower severity numbers, want to know more and our sales team is getting in the door with the repair value message.  This means more claims, especially for the well rounded shops that can handle all of the policy holder’s needs.
There will always be windshield claims that cannot be repaired, they must be replaced.  If we take a modern, updated view of repairs, including the advances in repair technology, we can see the benefits of being able to do them both very well.  If HSG gets the insurance carrier’s business, the referrals come to you.  If another TPA gets the carrier’s business, and they also own hundreds of retail outlets, where will those referrals go?
HSG has built an entire business model around repairs, as have some repair only companies.  Check out repairs for yourself and see how it can help your business.  You don’t need to center your business on repair, but the benefits of being versed and professional, regardless of the type of damage, will pay dividends for you.

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HSG auto glass claims services provide significant improvement in overall severity and loss adjustment expenses. From first notice of loss through electronic billing and reporting, outsourcing has never been so easy.


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