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SPRINGFIELD, OHIO (June 3, 2015) – HSG, the leading auto glass insurance claims management company, announced today that they are bringing back their very successful and environmentally friendly Save a Windshield, Plant a Tree program.
Beginning this summer and throughout the year, HSG will plant one tree for every auto glass insurance claim resulting in a windshield repair instead of a replacement. “The Save a Windshield, Plant a Tree program is a great way to drive awareness of the benefits of windshield repair as well as promote conservation efforts and be a good steward of our environment,” said CEO Wayne Sharrah. “Everyone benefits and the consumer experiences a faster service solution while helping the environment in the process.”
Repairing windshields negates the need to replace and discard broken parts every time a windshield is replaced. Many small chips or surface cracks only affect the outer layer of the windshield and can be mended before they get any worse. If the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, it can usually be repaired using special equipment and glass repair resin without breaking the windshield’s original factory seal.
“When policyholders choose repair over replacement, not only will they enjoy a safe and easy service experience, but they will also be assisting to control carbon dioxide emissions,” said Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Walsh. “This program will keep millions of pounds of glass waste out of landfills and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used in the production and distribution of new windshields.”
Nationally, millions of windshields are replaced each year. With approximately 25 lbs of glass waste per windshield, these discarded windshields take up precious landfill space. A considerable amount of energy is also used to produce the replacement glass, taking 15.2 million BTU's of energy to produce one ton of glass.
“We are once again honored to provide this program to our insurance clients and their policyholders as it’s a great solution for them that also helps the environment.” Walsh added.
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